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UK Sales & Service Centres - Electronics Supply, Spares, Repairs and Surveys. 
Note: Brixham's Service Centre address and contact details have changed:
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Bridge Electronics Asset Finance Packages

Bridge Electronics Maintenance Contracts

Marine Electronics Spares and Repairs

Marine Satellite and Radio Communications

Marine Navigational Equipment

Safety & Security at Sea - GMDSS & VDR/SVDR Surveys


Deep Sea and Coastal Shipping

Marine electronics play a vital role in running and managing ships of all types. They are key to maintaining safety, compliance and maintaining trading schedules.

Keeping that equipment functioning requires specialist know-how and expertise as well as a wide range products and services to meet demands.

As part of the Aage Hempel Group, Charity & Taylor extends its capacity, capability, skills and resources in the UK and worldwide through its global maintenance division, Aage Hempel UK.

Charity & Taylor  

Our Service Centre Engineers in the UK provide spares, repairs and surveys for all types and makes of marine electronics equipment at ports in the UK and worldwide.

We can supply, install and commission almost all types of equipment and systems, and help you maintain them to ensure their compliance and operational capacity.

  • Always on call and always up to speed
  • 24/7 Specialist marine electronics support
  • Spares and repairs for almost all major makes and types of equipment
  • Highly qualified and accredited engineers
  • Supply of all major makes and types of marine electronics
  • Onboard installation and commissioning
  • Unique financial options on the renewal and replacement of equipment
  • Just one call solves all

Aage Hempel UK – Blue Ribbon Bridge Electronics Maintenance Contracts

Our specialist worldwide division offers a wide range of flexible maintenance contracts, as well as an extensive ad hoc spares and repairs service for deep sea and coastal fleet operators.

Critical Cover, for example, gives a competitive entry level support contract to cover only the key bridge electronics, such as Radar and ECDIS.  Whereas our premium service covers all bridge electronics. The choice from Critical cover only to the Premium contract gives you a wider range of options.    

Prevention is better than cure, but faults and failures do happen, so you need to know you can rely on total support.

So, to that end, we have designed our contract services with these specific benefits:

  • Always on call and always up to speed
  • Helping your vessels to stay on hire and on the move
  • A well-resourced, efficient and effective global capability
  • Available at key ports worldwide
  • Highly qualified and accredited engineers
  • Aimed at minimising your risk and avoiding unexpected costs
  • Unique financial options on the renewal and replacement of equipment
  • Just one call solves all



Brands Global

Everything You Need Worldwide

We source and supply spares and equipment from all major manufacturers. And we stock over €3.5 million of spares and equipment at key ports around the world to meet current needs and trends.

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