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UK Sales & Service Centres - Electronics Supply, Spares, Repairs and Surveys. 
Note: Brixham's Service Centre address and contact details have changed:
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Offshore Oil and Gas

As a marine electronics specialist, we are hardly strangers to the Offshore industries and particularly in the North Sea.

Our quayside service centre in Aberdeen was set up in 2010, by its then international owners, putting a specific service centre right on the doorstep of the UK's oil and gas industry.

The later purchase of Aberdeen and Grangemouth by Charity and Taylor, based in Great Yarmouth extended our North Sea coverage and capability, which is further enhanced by our membership of the international Aage Hempel group.

Our capability in this field is built on the skills of our engineers, who are not just trained to deal with marine electronics, for which they are highly qualified, but also schooled, trained and qualified in the issues faced by the maritime industries, each with its own specialist activity.

In the case of Oil and Gas, our marine electronics engineer’s training includes that of all other offshore workers, safety being uppermost.        

And we understand, like all ships and maritime activities, there are shared needs for safety, compliance and operational efficiency. Ongoing maintenance, spares and repairs, replacement and renewal of equipment are vital to maintaining effective operations offshore.

Offshore Services include:

  • Highly qualified and accredited engineers
  • 24/7 Specialist electronics support
  • Engineers trained and equipped for all types of marine operations
  • Spares and repairs for almost all major makes and types of equipment
  • Onboard installation and commissioning
  • Unique financial options on the renewal and replacement of equipment

Typical Equipment requirements include:

  • Radar Vessel Traffic Monitor Systems with central control of radar network from Standby vessel or shore side.
  • Remote VHF/UHF over VPN/ Internet network with repeater stations for central control.
  • Class Radio Surveys
  • VSAT Communications
  • TVRO and Distribution systems
  • Gyro supply and service
  • Differential Positioning with Iridium correction service.
  • AIS supply service
  • Crane VHF/UHF systems
  • 4G/5G networks
  • Inmarsat / Iridium equipment and airtime


Brands Global

Everything You Need Worldwide

We source and supply spares and equipment from all major manufacturers. And we stock over €3.5 million of spares and equipment at key ports around the world to meet current needs and trends.

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