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Starlink PlanetStarlink's global network of low orbiting satellites delivers fast data at up to 220 kbps.

Starlink AntennaSmall, solid state antenna has no moving parts and is easy to install.

Starlink ShipStarlink provides a powerful global back-up to almost all other types of communications.


Small, smart and delivers fast broadband at sea

Starlink forms the world’s largest constellation of low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites. A global broadband network coverage delivering 220Mbps across the world’s maritime trade routes.

It’s simple, rugged design handles large amounts of data.

It supports streaming, remote monitoring and video calls with no loss of speed.

End-to-end encrypted solutions enable secure fleet management and confidentiality via a single portal.

Competitive flexible airtime plans provide users with monthly payment options. Users can even put the service on pause to suit particular changing needs.

Starlink offers all types of vessels the ideal satellite broadband solution. And the perfect companion and backup to existing business communications systems. For your crew it provides the best-in-class entertainment and links to home.

Charity &Taylor, based in the UK, is an authorised Starlink reseller and part of the Aage Hempel group. Our global capability means we are able to supply from stock, install and support Starlink equipment worldwide.

Merchant Ships and Crew Calling
Maintains reliable high-speed connectivity in tough, uncompromising maritime conditions.

Your crew can make clear video calls to family and friends during long stretches at sea.

Yachts and Yachting

Network access at sea allows movies, online gaming, as well as secure video calling.

End-to-end encryption services provide secure, private data protection.

Offshore rigs and vessels

Starlink allows total visibility for asset security using remote surveillance operations.

Ferries and Cruise Liners

Optimise conference calls and company apps for business travellers.

Provide a wider variety of online access, such as gaming, film and TV streaming.

Give passengers the data protection with end-to-end encryption calling services.

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